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The James C. McKnight Research Papers

Welcome to the research papers of James Clayton McKnight.  These are PDF reproductions of the raw research data and notes he made while working on the family genealogy in the 1980s and 1990s. From this data he created his genealogical databases and his genealogical books.  Though it has been more than twenty years since some of these searches have been made, he is still the last family member to search for many of these ancestors reviewing these records.  If you have later research notes than these we would encourage you to share them with us so that future researchers will know where to begin their searches and what has already been checked.

The data in these folders has been left pretty much the way James C. McKnight organized it.  Minor changes have been made for the sake of clarity.  Feel free to peruse through the files – there are some real gems here for nearly any interested family member.  To improve their availability, some of these have been moved from this section over to the section called “Special family documents & memoirs.”

If you like Uncle Jim’s books, you will enjoy his research papers.