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Pioneer Stories

James C. McKnight's last book

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List of Biographies

This book contains significant historical information or stories from the lives of the following 125 individuals and their families.  They are listed below alphabetically under the four grandparents of James C. McKnight.  The women's married names are shown in brackets so that they can be quickly located in the index to the book.  —RGM


Sarah Vilate Dalton

Elizabeth [Hart](wife of Stephen Hart), born abt. 1606, Farmington, Connecticut.

Rebecca [Marshall] (wife of Thomas Marshall), born abt. 1618, Lynn, Massachusetts.

Sarah [Hart](wife of John Hart, b.1622).

Anna Annable [Dalton], born 5 May 1797, Huntington, Connecticut.

Anthony Annable, born 1599, Cambridge, England.

Ebenezer Annable, born 1756, Fairfield, Connecticut.

Emma Batchelor [Lee], born 21 Apr 1836, Negfield, England.

Rebecca Briggs [Cornell], born abt. 1600, Essex County, England.

Joane Coffin [Hull], born abt. 1600, Northleigh, Devon, England.

Thomas Cornell, born abt. 1595, Bumstead at Towr., Essex, England.

Thomas Cornell, born 21 Oct 1627, Saffron-Walden, Essex, England.

Deacon William Crocker, born abt. 1607, Exeter, Devonshire, England.

Sarah Crosby [Smith], born 1718, Northumberland County, Virginia.

Charles Wakeman Dalton, born 10 Jul 1826, Wysco, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Vilate Dalton [McKnight], born 10 Aug 1866, Fillmore, Utah.

Simon Cooker Dalton, born 1 Jan 1806, WilkesBarre, Pennsylvania.

John Doyle, born abt. 1749, of Virginia and Davidson County, Tennessee.

Jane Gallion [Paine] [Mayhew], born abt. 1595, Wantage, Berkshire, England.

John Hall, born abt. 1605, St. Mary's, Whitechapel, London, England.

Hawkins Hart, born 1677, Farmington, Connecticut.

John Hart, born abt. 1622, St. Nicholas, Suffolk, England.

John Hart, born Apr 1682, Farmington, Connecticut.

Stephen Hart, born 25 Jan 1602/1603, St. Nicholas, Suffolk, England.

Thomas Hart, born abt. 1643, Hartford, Connecticut.

Ruth Hawkins [Hart], born 24 Oct 1649, Windsor, Connecticut.

Joseph Hull, born 1596, Crewcerne, Somerset, England.

John Lathrop, born 1584, Etton, Yorkshire, England.

John D. Lee, born 6 Sep 1812, Kaskaskia, Illinois.

Sarah Jane Lee [Dalton], born 3 Mar 1837, Vandalia, Illinois.

Thomas Marshall,  born abt. 1614, England.

Thomas Mayhew, chr 1 Apr 1593, Tisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Thomas Mayhew (son of Thomas Mayhew, b. 1593, and Abigail Parkhurst).

Ann Merriam [Annable], born 6 Jun 1768, Waterbury, Connecticut.

John Merriam, born 25 Feb 1671, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts.

John Moss, born abt. 1604, Cotheridge, Worcester, England.

John Moss, born 12 Oct 1650, New Haven, Connecticut.

John Moss, born 10 Nov 1682, Wallingford, Connecticut.

Jane Moumford [Annable] (wife of Anthony Annable, b. 1599).

Abigail Parkhurst [Mayhew] (first wife of Thomas Mayhew, b. 1593).

Sarah Royce [Hart], born 3 Apr 1683, Wallingford, Connecticut.

Abigail Shaffer [Woolsey], born 13 Sep 1785-6, Maryland.

Samuel Sharp, born abt. 1610, England (lived in Salem, Massachusetts).

Henry Smith, born abt. 1715, in Virginia.

Alice Tafts [Crocker], born abt. 1616, of Devonshire, England.

Elnora Lucretia Warner [Dalton] (wife of Simon Cooker Dalton, b. 1806).

Captain Thomas Wheeler, Jr., born 20 Nov 1603, Cranfield, England.

Agatha Ann Woolsey [Lee], born 18 Jan 1814, Danville, Kentucky.

Joseph Woolsey, born abt. 1775, Danville, Kentucky.

Rachel Andora Woolsey [Lee], born 5 Aug 1825, Danville, Kentucky.


William Howell McKnight

Benjamine Louis Croff, born 6 Mar 1847, Northfield, Ohio.

Hannah Croff [Putnam], born 3 Jul 1904, Colonia Juarez, Mexico.

Janet Graham [McKnight], born abt. 1827, New Cumnock, Scotland.

Sarah Howell [McKnight], born 26 Dec 1833, Llansamlet, Wales.

William Howell, born 14 Dec 1803, Swansea, Wales.

Hannah Elizabeth McKnight [Croff], born 10 May 1865, Minersville, Utah.

Harrison McKnight, born 11 Feb 1889, Cedar City, Utah.

James McKnight, born 8 Jun 1830, Kirconnel, Scotland.

Sarah Vilate McKnight [Hovey], born 10 Apr 1886, Minersville, Utah.

William Howell McKnight, born 14 Mar 1862, Minersville, Utah.

William Ralph McKnight, born 29 Oct 1891, Minersville, Utah.

Hannah Rees [Howell], born 6 Aug 1807, Llangsamlet, Wales.

Lydia Thrower [McKnight] (third wife of James McKnight, b. 1830).


Margaret Jane Neel

Brigham Young Baird, born 6 Feb 1846, Perry County, Alabama.

James Hyrum Baird, born 5 Feb 1848, Quincy, Illinois.

John Baird, born abt. 1665, of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Samuel Baird, born 22 Sep 1810, Nashville, Tennessee.

Margaret Dalton [Rutledge], born abt. 1682, Pembrey, Wales.

Rachel Gallagley [Jones], born 17 or 19 Nov 1779, in Pennsylvania.

Mary Hall [Baird] (wife of John Baird, b. abt. 1665).

Mary Ann Jones [Neel], born 15 Jun 1817, Bedford County, Tennessee.

Mathew Jones, born 1 Aug 1774, of Newberry, South Carolina.

Margaret Jane Neel [Parker], born 27 Apr 1868, Highland, Kansas.

William Neel, born abt. 1806, Dry Fork, Tennessee.

William Routledge, born abt. 1654 (lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania).

John Rutledge, born abt. 1680, Southampton, Pennsylvania.

Matilda Rutledge [Baird], born 4 Apr 1813, Lancaster County, South Carolina.

Richard Rutledge, born 1 May 1770, Camden, South Carolina.


Joseph William Parker

George Bates, born abt. 1625, Skimino, Bruton Parrish, Virginia.

John Bates, born in 1598,  Kent County, England.

John Bates, born in 1655, York County, Virginia.

James Blount, born abt. 1643, Sodington, Worcester, England.

John Blount, born 16 Sep 1669, Edenton, North Carolina.

Sir Walter Blount, born abt. 1594, Sodington, Worcester, England.

Sidney Rigdon Carter, born 30 Aug 1834, Newsy, Maine.

Adelia Cooley [Parker], born 11 Mar 1874, Kanosh, Utah.

Benjamin Craig, born 30 Mar 1751, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Elijah Craig, born 1743, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Elijah Craig, born abt. 1765 (son of John Craig, b. 1731).

John Craig, born abt. 1731, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Joseph Craig, born 11 Jun 1741, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Lewis Craig, born 1740, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Toliver Craig, born 1705, on board ship from Scotland to Virginia.

Elizabeth Daniel [Bates], born before 1650, of York County, Virginia.

Elizabeth Davis [Blount], born abt. 1679, Henrico County, Virginia.

Joseph Faulconer, born 1757, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Polly Hawkins [Craig], born 1716, Prince William County, Virginia.

Margaret Love [Smith], born 18 Apr 1790, Chester County, South Carolina.

Frances Nelson [Faulconer], born May 1761, Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Martha Ann Nelson [Parker], born 17 Oct 1818, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Napoleon Bonaparte Nelson, born 23 Nov 1821, Fayette County, Kentucky.

Olena Matilda Olsen [Parker], born 5 Jun 1882, Richfield, Utah.

Ambrose Nelson Parker, born 15 Oct 1797, Grayson County, Virginia.

Cynthia Ann Parker, born abt. 1827 (mother of Quanah).

Joseph Faulconer Parker, born 7 Apr 1841, Palmyra, Missouri.

Joseph William Parker, born 19 Nov 1864, Heber City, Utah.

Quanah (Parker), born abt. 1845, in East Central Texas.

Silas and Lucy Parker and family (story: 1836, Ft. Parker, Groesbeck, Texas).

Thomas Bryant Parker, born 1 Oct 1797, Grayson County, Virginia.

Katherine Pride [Watkins], born abt. 1644, of Henrico County, Virginia.

Mary Elizabeth Ross [Parker], born 4 Mar 1845, Hancock County, Illinois.

Thomas Ross, born 15 Sep 1814, Guilford County, North Carolina.

Elizabeth Sanders [Craig] (wife of Lewis Craig, b. 1740).

James Agee Smith, born 6 Dec 1787, Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Rachel Smith [Ross], born 22 Aug 1813, Smith County, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Watkins, born abt. 1669, Henrico County, Virginia.

Henry Watkins, b. abt. 1638,  of Henrico County, Virginia (or possibly in Wales).

Henry Watkins, born 1670, Henrico County, Virginia.

Thomas Watkins, born 1672, Henrico County, Virginia.

Ann Willis [Blount], born abt. 1647, Lpswich, Essex, England.

Elizabeth Wylde [Blount], born abt. 1599, Droitwich, Worcester, England.


No Relation

John Armfield, Quaker, arrived in Guilford County, North Carolina in 1765.

Jacob Blount, born 1726 (politically active in North Carolina).

William Blount, born 1749 (politically active in North Carolina and Tennessee).

Isaac (Ike) Cummings (friend of Joseph Faulconer Parker).

Burr Frost (missionary to Australia in 1853, friend of James McKnight, b. 1830).


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