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Pamphlet: McNaught/McKnight Name Origins and Clan Roots, by Ralph G. McKnight

This research report represents the culmination of a year of research that I have done on our McKnight name and the history of our Scottish McNaught and McNaughton clans.  The goal was to learn something beyond what is in our family records of clan history.  I have packed into it all the maps, photos, and research aids I could to help a novice researcher, or even a family traveler, succeed in finding our ancient ancestral homes.  My hope is to present this 36-page pamphlet to every descendant I can find of James McKnight, born in Kirkconnel, Scotland, in 1830 (please help me by making several copies and passing them out to your siblings).  It is free of charge—my gift to the family.

This pamphlet is now available online in PDF format for personal use.

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