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Book: James McKnight and His Antecedents in Scotland With An Account of His Days in Australia and America, by James C. McKnight.

This is the book detailing James C. McKnight's research on the ancestry of James McKnight, born in Kirkconnel, Scotland, in 1830.  It does not duplicate the published 1980 histories or descendants (Hannah Putnam book) but includes new research he did mostly after 1980 and the wonderful things he found in Scotland and Australia.  He extended our pedigree to eight generations in Scotland.  He also found some early LDS journals that tell of James McKnight's life in Australia, his LDS conversion (he was one of the first dozen converts on that continent), his gold-digging success, his ordination as an elder, and his mission call and Australian service.  This is the smallest of James C. McKnight's books, reformatted at 125 pages including pedigrees and family group records.  The current cost is $19.00.

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